E3 2012 - And here we... Go

Written in May 31, 2012 - 🕒 2 min. read


It just arrived at a time when I can’t help but post about what’s coming next week.

Well, last year I had the great opportunity to go to Comic Con in San Diego as a press, I did all the rush to register, I sent them a letter and after a month of waiting I had my press ticket confirmed. Unfortunately, due to several unforeseen events, I was unable to travel and missed this great opportunity.

Of course, the dream would be to be able to go to E3, which unfortunately was not possible (and not even planned) due to the date that coincides with the dates of my college exams, and also coincided with the presentation of my CBT. Last year’s E3 was very epic, especially the part of Nintendo’s conference (which I won’t be attending this year …), not only for the conference itself, but for the adventure I went through to attend it, it happened that the internet went down well in the middle of the presentation, which made me and my fellow Nintendista Luca have to run out of the house, get a ride to go to someone else’s house to watch the conference, and well, we did it. Everything worked out in the end.

Why won’t I attend the Nintendo conference? Well, it’s simple. After years of wishing, my presence at E3 is confirmed, I will be part of the Nintendo Blast team that will cover the event.

We were divided into two groups: Those who will attend the conference live and those who stayed at the event, covering what happens while the conference is going on, and I was in the group that will stay at the event, which is extremely AWESOME, but I will miss watch and learn first hand what Nintendo has to say for its future releases.

So many things that I could have done posts about events that happened recently, like a lot of knowledge about Magento that I acquired in the last two years, and I also never posted the programming tutorials for cell phones. Well, now Symbian is also a dead OS, who knows, I may not reuse this idea for something broader and more current, like Android.

What really matters is: FUCK YEAH I’M GOING TO E3! I still don’t believe it. I promise you, faithful readers, that I will post here again one day. One day…


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