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Written in May 31, 2015 - 🕒 1 min. read

Google Flights being awesome
Google Flights being awesome

Well, recently I found out that Google had created the wonderful Google Flights, which is a search engine for flights from various airlines, like how Skyscanner does. The most amazing thing is that this site has been around for years, and I only discovered it this week, despite having traveled a lot and always looking for cheap tickets, I had never heard about Google Flights.

And the cool thing is that if you are planning a trip and have a way to lower the price of your ticket by changing a few days on the way and / or return, Google Flights suggests this to you. It’s fast, useful and doesn’t charge fees, well, what else can I say? Since then I’m sure I’ll only use Google Flights for all my searches, so here’s the tip for you :)


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