Hands on Samsung SC-MX20B!

Written in June 23, 2009 - 🕒 1 min. read

Yesterday my beautiful Samsung SC-MX20B arrived, which a good old buddy brought to me from LA .

I still didn’t have the time to use it properly, but I’ve already did a little quality test, I’ve recorded a small video that you can watch bellow.

It got a really nice turntable grip. Sometimes you want to get a different angle of something and shoot it which the camera bellow your waist, to you take off your hand of the grip, and put it again in a different position. With Samsung SC-MX20B you can easily rotate the grip along with your hand, to get the right angle, check the photos bellow for better understanding:

sc-mx20 grip
sc-mx20 grip

This week I have to study for next week’s tests, so it will get difficult to test this camera better. It’s hard to see it standing there, with no time to play. Watch the test video below:


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