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zelda timeline

Did you see this post’s title? Yes, I’m going to talk about a really discussed subject that exists on any forum/blog/fotolog/twitter/bar/museum/school on the world: The timeline of Zelda . Is there really one? Why does Shigeru Miyamoto loves to do those mind blower s that lets everybody INSANE? If you lost your hopes trying to find a correct timeline for Zelda, I hope that this post will put you back on track in the way of hope and that one day we’ll understand the universe of Zelda and its timeline.

To start, watch this video:

Now that you’re finished you must be thinking: “WOW, AWSOME!”, just like me and others. Some months after this new theory’s been created, the video’s author sent it to Nintendo, asking if he got any close to a solution to the timeline of Zelda, and Nintendo answered this:Resuming: are we screwed? No, not at all. What happened here?

Someone really addicted to Zelda searched a little bit, was able to make lots of connections between Zelda games and made this really famous video on YouTube, and when he got in contact with Nintendo, got the response that there was no timeline on Zelda.

Well, I was really upset with Nintendo’s response, and resolved to e-mail them. I wrote about the contact between ocarinahero10 and its videos, I talked about what Miyamoto himself said once, that there are two timelines on Zelda and even quote the Zeldas that have official sequences ( Zelda -> Zelda II ; Ocarina of Time -> Majora’s Mask ; Wind Waker -> Phantom Hourglass ; Oracle of Seasons -> Oracle of Ages ), and here’s the answer of Nintendo.

Hello Pablo,

Since the first Legend of Zelda game was released on the NES years ago, fans of the series have tried to fit each game into a timeline, each game representing a separate episode of Link’s life. This has lead to much speculation and discussion, particularly over the games where Link switches between adult and young boy.

The 2003 release of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker finally put an end to the speculation and discussion in its opening line, “This is but one of the legends of which people speak…” The basic assumption has always been that Link is a single individual. However, in an interview given at the time it was released, the game’s director, Eiji Aonuma (speaking for himself and Shigeru Miyamoto, the original creator of the series) stated “In our opinions, with the Legend of Zelda, every game has a new Link. A new hero named Link always rises to fight evil.”

This means that–unless otherwise specified–each new game represents a new Link and that there isn’t a true frame of reference or timeline possible for the series. For additional information on The Legend of Zelda series, please visit our official Legend of Zelda website at the following address:


Sharon Matheny

Nintendo of America Inc.

Nintendo’s home page:

Power Line (Automated Product Info): (425) 885-7529

Uhmn, wait a minute… I’ve seen that response somewhere… right! I got the same response that on ocarinahero10, but what does this means? It means that Nintendo’s website has a system that identifies the words “Zelda” and “timeline” and doesn’t even bother to read what you say, and send you that automatic e-mail. Kind of boring, right? So I give it a GOOD look on the internet about Miyamoto saying that there is a chronological sequence on Zelda, and I did find it, here it is Miyamoto’s statement:

“Ocarina of Time is the first story, then the original Legend of Zelda, then Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and finally A Link to the Past. It’s not very clear where Link’s Awakening fits in–it could be anytime after Ocarina of Time.”

And his one from Eiji Aonuma:

“As for the timeline, Twilight Princess is set several hundred years after Link has fought Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time and returned to his own time (the OoT ending), and becomes a parallel world to The Wind Waker (the time axis originally splits in Ocarina of Time and a parallel timeline is formed). Wind Waker begins several hundred years immediately after adult Link seals away Ganondorf, Twilight Princess occurs several hundred years after the adult Link is sent back to his original time by Zelda’s power.”

Two powerful quotes spoken by who’s behind the game, which proves that Zelda HAS a timeline =D And now that you’re finishing reading this post, you’re very happy hearing such news, but there is one problem: sources.

All sources of those information, were took from blogs and websites about Zelda, so how can we tell they’re true? Well, I searched a little bit about the sources, I spent like 5 hours searching where the first quote was from, and I found out that it came from an exclusive interview with Miyamoto to a magazine called Nintendo Power in November of 1998, click here to read it.

This interview was published on January of 1999 in a special edition of Nintendo Power #116, the edition that only who have a subscription of the magazine gets it. I searched on eBay for that special edition but I didn’t find it =( So I e-mailed Nintendo Power and Nintendo with the link of the interview, asking if it’s really true, and they answered yes!

So the first quote about Ocarina of Time being the first Zelda ever it’s true and was Miyamoto himself who said it =D The source of the second quote was a lot easier to find, I searched on the official website of Nintendo Dream, japanese magazine of Nintendo, and I found the edition that has that quote, to access the interview (in japanese) click here, and to see the translation (english by Google translator ) click here.

You can also check the translated version by Patricia and TSA, from by clicking here.

There, job done! Zelda POSSESSES a timeline, we only have to wait for Shigeru Miyamoto on Wikipédia to start launching new games of Official website that are connected to the ones that already exist.

Zelda is an adventure game, really rich in puzzles, which, for who is more addicted to it, brings a fantasy story like no other before.

We’ll keep on playing Zelda to the end of times o/

Also check out the Zelda Timeline secret page I have on this blog.


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